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Riffle - Deros Level Grouse - Slim Line
Address: P.O. Box 28147
San Antonio, Texas 78228
Description: The LEVEL GROUSE has two colored LED's that warn you when you "cant" your firearm to the left or right. This device is machined out of 6061T Aluminum and weighs less than 4 oz. Each Level Grouse can be mounted to any scope ring that uses the Picatinny platform. Attach scope ring to your scope and attach the Level Grouse to the Picatinny clamps. "Left cant" shows green light, "right cant" shows red light. When your firearm is level "no lights are visible". All units have 4 batteries within battery knob. Two batteries are spares for backup in the field. Battery current is not used when level. The switch has three positions: up bright lights, down dim lights and center is off. The Level Grouse will force you to be consistent!
Cost $129.00
Contact: 210-432-7006 (phone)
Activities: Hunting, Other

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