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Wheelchair Gym
Address: 50 N. Harrison Ave. Suite 9
Congers, New York 10920
Outside Florida County
Description: HOW IT WORKS: Arms rotate 90 degrees. Arm starting angle: [optional feature] move arm to desired starting position and turn ARM ANGLE LOCK clockwise to lock in place. Grip rotation: pull GRIP LOCK KNOB up, rotate grip to desired position and release knob. Arm height adjustment: arms are adjustable in 1” increments from 33” to 41”. To adjust height pull ARM HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT LOCK out, adjust arm height and release lock. Arm resistance: is provided by hydraulic cylinders which continuously adjust to the amount of pressure being applied. If you reach a point in a stroke and cannot push any further the resistance will automatically be reduced and you can complete the stroke slowly and with less pressure or stop, remove your hands and the arms will automatically return to their starting position. Resistance levels :( 3lbs.+- to 30lb+-) three factors determine resistance level: 1. Applied force 2. Resistance control knob setting 3. Arm height (distance of grip above pivot point) Resistance control Knobs: to increase resistance turn knobs clockwise and to decrease turn counter clockwise. Lift exercises: to do lift exercises [Front & Side and Fingers & Wrist] arms must be in an unlocked position. To unlock arms pull ARM HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT LOCK out and rotate 90 degrees.
Cost $3000
Contact: Richard, Marcantonio
(914) 591-9552 (phone)
(914) 591 4197 (Fax)
Activities: Fitness/Exercise, Self improvement , Weightlifting , Other

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