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Mountain Trike
Outside Florida County
Description: Mountain Trike is now available in the USA (price includes shipping) and • A 3 year warranty. • Lever Drive • Direct Steering • Air suspension • Hydraulic disc brakes • Your choice of frame colour. • Choice of brakes and steering mounting on the left or the right hand side. • An owner's manual on how to ride safely and look after it. • A pump for keeping your shock absorbers nice and bouncy (you will need your own bike pump for the wheels). Its unique lever drive system enables the rider to remain active, maintain an outdoor lifestyle and also participate in outdoor pursuits as they are able to independently propel themselves over uneven surfaces and inhospitable terrain such as gravel, sand, stones, logs, and mud and the user will even be able to maintain clean hands whilst doing so. An optional 'T Bar' push handle can be fitted to the MT should it be required so that a friend or family member can assist the user if required. Also with its hydraulic brakes applied, Mountain Trike is also a very stable platform for those users who may enjoy bird watching, fishing, shooting and archery. To contact by phone, call England internationally at TEL: 00 44 7519 809375
Cost $7,495.
Contact: Roger, Crawford
Activities: Fishing, Hunting, Other, Birding, Archery

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