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Wheelchair Slippers
Description: Wheelchair Slippers are tire covers that manual wheelchair users can use to cover the tires so that when they come inside a house, dirt and tire marks are not transferred to floors or carpets. However, since wheelchair slippers are made of an attractive textile material, they are porous and not to be used in a wet or muddy environment. "Mud Eaters" are also available. Mud Eaters are made of non-porous neoprene (the same stuff that deep-sea diver's wetsuits are made of). Mud Eaters are water-resistant and can be used on wet or muddy wheelchair tires. They have also been tested in a chlorinated swimming pool environment and after several months of use the chlorine did not damage the neoprene. Some swimming pools and spas do not allow wheelchair users to use their own wheelchairs which have been used on the outside. With Mud Eaters, the back tires are covered. Mud Eaters are sort of like those little plastic covers that go on shoes. Both Wheelchair Slippers and Mud Eaters are machine washable.
Contact: Gene, Emmer
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