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Description: Developed by rehab professionals, adaptability makes the PRO2® the choice for total body conditioning. The PRO2® is appropriate for individuals who have suffered spinal cord injury, stroke, multiple sclerosis or other conditions by providing aerobic and strengthening workouts in a wide range of work levels. Cranks turn in unison, so arms can do the work and still involve legs passively. Or, the strong side of the body can support the weak side. For orthopedic rehab, range of motion can be altered as rehabilitation progresses. Also available in an upper body only model [PRO 1000 Upper Body (UB6201)]. The PRO2® features step through seat positioning or direct wheelchair access. Workload is adjustable in 1 watt increments, and bi-directional resistance (available only from SCIFIT) allows the user to exercise reciprocal muscle groups for overall balance or exercise. The PRO2® comes with seven programs: One button Quick Start, Manual, Hill Profiles, Random Profiles, Heart Rate, Iso-Strength, Constant Work, Heart-Fit Test, Heart-Fit Training (4 levels with programs at each level), Power-Fit Test, Power-Fit Training (4 levels with 3 programs at each level), Stress Test and Fit-Quik™. (each with 200 levels of intensity). Optional features include wheelchair platform and tiedowns (1180*), high support boots (A2242*), low support boots (A2243*), and polar chest strap transmitter (65190*). Additional optional features for the Pro 1000 Upper Body include adjustable arm cranks (66495*) and vertical seat adjustment (66490*).
Cost $4,100-$4,700
Contact: 800-634-4351 (phone)
Activities: Fitness/Exercise

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