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Trail Rider
Address: 3077 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC,
Outside Florida County
Description: Features: Single-wheel design easily negotiates narrow trails. Lightweight aluminum frame is strong and easy to transport. Ergonomically designed with fully adjustable seating, footrest and armrests ensure comfort for riders and Sherpas. Disc braking system for safety and reliability. Large profile pneumatic tire rolls smoothly over all terrain. Cargo compartment conveniently holds equipment and hiking gear. Quick release pins make seating adjustments and transport easy. Optional seatback insert for kids included. Powder coated for a durable,environmentally friendly finish. Call 604-688-6464 ext. 132 for more information.
Contact: 604-688-6464 (phone)
604-688-6463 (Fax)
Activities: Hiking, Walk/Run , Other

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