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Kayaks and Hand Adaptions
Address: P.O. Box 474
Chatfield, Minnesota 55923
Outside Florida County
Description: The seats eliminate the foam, duct tape and set-up time. Stability doesn't need to come at the expense of efficiency. Adding outriggers to an efficient kayak lets all of your effort go into gliding through the water, and when they are mounted on a Current Designs kayak, the package is complete. All modifications are made such as the seat (including a deck-mounted tilt adjust mechanism that allows easy tilt adjustment from outside of the cockpit and gives rock-solid support), hatch mounted outriggers, and removal of anything out of the cockpit that could cause skin injury or cause the paddler to get hung up on wet exits (including removing the foot-pegs and any protruding hardware).Safety is a primary concern, and all modifications ensure the safest experience on the water. For those starting out in adaptive paddling for the first time, try the Kestrel line from Current Designs, especially the open cockpit Kestrel 120OC. This kayak gives the best access for transfers, and is the easiest to exit in the event of a capsize. It is also the most affordable package, starting at around $1500 for the kayak (rotomold version), seat, and outriggers. Any of the Current Designs line is available, and can assist you in making the best model choice for your paddling style and ability. Other brands and models are also available. It's one thing to be able to hold a paddle, and another thing to be able to pull it through the water. A range of adaptations designed to provide the grip you need while still enabling you to drop the paddle quickly are available. All of our grips mount to standard kayak paddles with a 1 1/4" shaft diameter.
Cost varies
Contact: Kevin,
507-867-3961 (phone)
Activities: Kayaking / Canoeing

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