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Seating for Kayak/Canoe
Address: P.O. Box 474
Chatfield, Minnesota 55923
Outside Florida County
Description: The main structure of the seat is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, with thermoformed cushion bases. The cushions are closed-cell foam encased in Cordura and pack cloth nylon. All parts are proudly manufactured and assembled in Minnesota. The back structure consists of pelvic, lateral, lumbar, and upper-back supports. The back has several vertical adjustments to fit different torso lengths and types. The canoe/outrigger version of the seat comes with a clamping mechanism that allows the seat to be quickly mounted to any flat bench seat. It also includes a seat pan that can be tilted for seat “dump”, and holds a seat cushion (we ship the seat with a Jackson Sweet Cheeks 200 cushion as standard equipment).
Contact: (507) 867-3961 (phone)
Activities: Boating, Other, Kayaking / Canoeing

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