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Adjustable Table - Able Table Co., Weir Enterprises
Address: 227 Fern Street
Santa Cruz, California 95060
Description: The Able Table is an overhead book holder that lifts books for eye level (or overhead) reading within a range of 9 to 18 inches high. Springs provide the lifting power. The unit is designed so that the book will stay where placed: up or down, left or right, at any angle without adjustment of knobs or levers. A single knob locks the top in place for holding reading materials up to 30 pounds. Straps keep the pages from arcing. A lip at the top edge adjusts high or low. The Able Table also serves as a bed table, easel, portable desk, copy holder, music stand, drawing table, lap computer holder, lectern, etc.
Contact: 831-425-5767 (phone)
Activities: Creative writing, Drawing, Reading

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