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Go Talk 20+
Address: 14720 S. Seminole Drive
Olathe, Kansas 66062
Description: The lightweight, rugged GoTalk 20+ has a 100 message capacity (20 keys each 1-inch square, and five recording levels) - plus five core messages that stay the same from level to level! Having core messages always available means you don't need to re-record those essential messages - whatever level you are on, they are always accessible. Other improvements on the GoTalk 20+ include all new technology to provide great sound and volume control. Plus easier sequential recording, an option for whole level erasing and built-in overlay storage. The GoTalk 20+'s thoughtful design ensures it is easy to use. Large buttons with built-in keyguard help users select the right message. Levels change with just the press of a button. Overlays are conveniently stored inside, and slide in and out easily. Sturdy construction without mechanical levers and dials makes the GoTalk 20+ extremely durable. It comes with a full one year warranty. Features: 20 message keys 5 recording levels 100 message capacity 15 minutes recording time 5 core messages Great new sound quality built-in overlay storage Faster record and erase Using the GoTalk 20+: 1. Decide upon communication messages. 2. Select pictures and text for each button. 3. Create an overlay with photos or magazine pictures, or print an overlay using GoTalk Overlay Software (not included). 4. Slide the overlay into the GoTalk. 5. Record messages and give to user. 6. The user then presses the appropriate button to communicate.
Cost $249.95
Contact: 972-699-0071 (phone)
913-390-7090 (Fax)
Activities: Other

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